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We deal with production, import and processing of insulation materials, mainly in the area of noise and vibrations reducing.

We supply these materials all over The Czech Republic and also to Slovakia, Hungary a sometimes also to remote countries – e.g. to Israel.

The basis of all our materials is heavy foil AMS-Tecsound, that is specific by its high sound-proof quality and a very good efficiency in dampening of resonance and vibration and oscillation of materials on which it is applied. We further combine and sandwich this heavy foil with many other materials, mainly the ones with a very good sound absorption characteristic. These are different types of fiber materials, from textile or glass fiber or materials with open pores, mainly polyurethane foams. This creates unique sandwiches that achieve very good overall dampening, because they combine the characteristic of soundproof and absorption materials in one.

When solving acoustic problems and designing the use of suitable materials we cooperate with many specialized companies and universities – e.g. TU in Liberec.

Our sound insulating materials can be used in many different fields.

The examples of use

  • For filling the covers of different rotary machines – e.g. machine tools, textile machines, compressors, cogeneration units, covered diesel aggregates, heat pumps, refrigerating units…
  • Air-conditioning ( dampening of tubing, ventilators)
  • Lifts ( dampening of machine-rooms, vibrations of metal jacketing)
  • Production of metal furniture and kitchen equipment

Automotive and transportation machinery:
  • basic industry – dampening of problematic parts of carriage body – cars, bus and tractor production
  • Sound insulation of space for motors
  • Car repairs – high versatility and conformability to different shapes, use for different car types and makes, also for veterans
  • Car adjustments – tuning – reducing of resonance and vibrations created by highly efficient audio systems

  • dampening of computer boxes

  • materials of increasing of sound proof walls, ceilings, light partitions
  • dampening of metal window-sills and metal roofs
  • increasing of sound proof ness of gates and doors
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